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byChris ontvvoicepro
State: Southland

Easy to connect and I can now hear what is actually being said in these Netflix type movies instead of having to guess half of it.

byAnne ontvvoicepro
State: Nelson

Thank you for your amazing TV Voice Pro, my husband can hear TV now like he hasn't been able to for years. They are so amazing and make a huge difference to his watching of TV. The delivery was so quick and set up was very easy. Thank you very much.

byJeanette ontvvoicepro
State: Hamilton

Thank you TV Voice Pro. My hubby loves his new ear pieces. They are small and comfortable and make such a difference to his TV watching experience. The delivery was fast, set up was easy and your phone support was awesome. Well worth every cent!!!

byEileen ontvvoicepro
State: Auckland

So pleased with this. It has enabled pleasant listening for both of us now. Setup was easy, but we appreciated the opportunity to contact a real technical person for a small tweak to our setup.

byDerek ontvvoicepro
State: Waikato

Brilliant. Easy to set up after fully charged. 2 minutes not an exaggeration. Far better than any top of the range hearing aids I have ever tried.

byPaul ontvvoicepro
State: Marlborough

Brilliant easy to install can watch movies and hear everything without annoying the wife.

byJohn ontvvoicepro
State: Tauranga

Very happy with TV Voice Pro. I left your card with my ear nurse so hopefully you will have some inquiries from some of her patients.

byRaffie ontvvoicepro
State: Nelson

Happy with the TV Voice Pro, makes TV viewing so much more pleasurable

byJohn ontvvoicepro
State: Richmond

Even with hearing aids I had a problem with film dialogue when there is annoying background music. TV Voice Pro has made hearing all programs very much more pleasant. Good product, thank you.

byJonathan ontvvoicepro
State: Auckland

Thank you TV Voice Pro. The wife is happy the TV volume is down! Earphones working well for all my sports programs.

byElle ontvvoicepro
State: Levin

Thanks for your customer service, we are now all set up. My husband and I are both enjoying the crystal clear sound of our new TV Voice Pro earbuds!

byMoyra ontvvoicepro
State: Hawkes Bay

Great to hear Netflix movies so well, after struggling with the dialogue in most of the movies we watch. Fast delivery too! Thank you.

byTerry ontvvoicepro
State: Hamilton

Hi TV Voice Pro. Really pleased with the audio of the latest wireless earphones. TV Volume is down, clarity and comfort is fantastic. Thanks again.

bySam ontvvoicepro
State: Hastings

Hi, thanks for the TV Voice Pro system, I am now hearing TV with excellent clarity. I would certainly recommend this to several of my friends who also report trouble with TV dialogue.

byRita ontvvoicepro
State: Nelson

Have just set up the new earphones to my TV, and the sound is brilliant! Very nice to hear my programs so clearly.

byKen ontvvoicepro
State: Auckland

Thanking you for a new TV listening experience! Hearing every word has stopped me interrupting my wife all the time to ask what was said… and now she asks ME!

byAnn ontvvoicepro
State: Auckland

Just to let you know Ross (my partner) LOVES the TV Voice Pro. He says TV has never sounded better, he used to miss the quips and humour, but now hears everything so much clearer. Thank you for making this happen for him.

byJutta ontvvoicepro
State: Alfreds Point, NSW

This is to let you know how happy Hans is with his device. In spite of expensive hearing aids, I had to put subtitles on English Programs. Thanks to your excellent help, he can hear dialogue unbelievably clear! Thanks a lot Voice Pro, we will definitely recommend your product!

byMichael ontvvoicepro
State: Willetton, WA

We can highly recommend the TV Voice Pro. The best investment ever. Conversing with my wife is easy too, pressing the button on the front which switches her from TV to microphone, to communicate with anyone of us as required.

byLaura ontvvoicepro
State: QLD

I am now confident with the use of the TV Voice Pro and enjoy hearing the TV. Remarkable transformation actually.

byMargaret ontvvoicepro
State: SA

Hello. As regards satisfaction. The headset has been simply a ‘lifesaver.’ It has given me new life. I don’t miss a single word when using it.

byMal ontvvoicepro
State: WA

I’ve had industrial hearing loss for many years, which has affected my hearing. This headset allows me to hear very clearly. Set up was easy.

byJohn ontvvoicepro
State: NSW

After using this product I have just bought another one for my brother who also wears hearing aids but has difficulty hearing the TV. He is now enjoying TV Voice Pro also.

byRoss ontvvoicepro

I found the TV Voice Pro easy to plug into our TV. It is comfortable to use and easy to operate. Most importantly I can now hear the TV clearly.

byJulia ontvvoicepro
State: WA

Thank you TV Voice Pro! What a relief my husband can finally hear the TV and I can turn the volume down.

bySonya ontvvoicepro
State: NSW

The headset arrived within a few days and we were able to quickly connect it. I have really been enjoying the clear sound. I find it to be simple for home use compared to wearing hearing aids.

byAlbie ontvvoicepro
State: VIC

The headset allows me to hear TV from anywhere in the house, which has been fantastic. I can even make a cup of tea without missing the show! Great product

byMichael ontvvoicepro
State: NSW

I have had wireless headsets before, but the TV Voice Pro is without doubt the best I have had. It is clearer than other headsets, and very comfortable and simple to use

byTrevor ontvvoicepro
State: NSW

I often watch late night television, and struggle to hear clearly without turning up the volume. This product has been fantastic and a real lifesaver.

byDavid ontvvoicepro
State: VIC

I tried the TV Voice Pro headset at a friend’s house, and couldn’t believe the clarity and simplicity of this device. I ordered one for myself. I use this headset every day now.

byAngie ontvvoicepro
State: QLD

I bought this for my mum as a present, and it is quite possibly the best present I have ever given her. She loves her shows, and she has really struggled with using her hearing aids. This has solved a big problem. Thank you TV Voice Pro.

bySophie ontvvoicepro
State: NSW

My parents love this headset! I am always saying, “Dad can you turn it down,” but he can’t he has industrial deafness. The TV Voice Pro has enabled him to hear very clearly, and my mum and I can listen to TV at the volume we like.

byJared ontvvoicepro
State: QLD

I have been turning the TV up for a long time, much to my family’s dismay. I can now listen at my own volume, and the clarity is amazing.

byCraig ontvvoicepro
State: QLD

TV Voice Pro has allowed me to enjoy TV all over again. It is much clearer than my hearing aids, and I can listen without disturbing my wife, which she loves!

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