The television audio is not mastered correctly for hearing dialogue

If you notice you have trouble hearing the TV clearly, and specifically difficulty hearing television dialogue, you are not alone. Part of the difficulty in hearing television dialogue clearly has to do with problems with the quality of the audio which has been mixed for each individual program, or television channel.  Movies are also mastered differently for audio.

Essentially this means that when watching the TV, even with perfect hearing, you can expect a great deal of variability in the clarity of the TV audio, including the level of sound effects, music, and of course clarity of dialogue. The other factor is that all of the original ‘mixing’ of television audio is done for those with perfect hearing! The bottom line is, TV audio is often poorly mixed, with many movies and programs not well produced for hearing dialogue clearly.


Hearing loss and television listening

When we combine the original problem of variable TV audio clarity between programs and movies themselves, with a problem such as a mild hearing loss, or a more significant level of hearing loss, the result is enormous difficulty hearing television dialogue clearly, and often the need to turn the television volume up above the preferred level of others in the house.

Unfortunately turning the TV volume up, or even purchasing a TV amplifying system often doesn’t result in a significant improvement in clarity for the listener, as the volume for music and sound effects is also being turned up with the dialogue, resulting in a ‘masking effect’ on the dialogue. Of course, this also presents a problem in the household for others who are disturbed by the loud volume of the TV audio.


Why aren’t my hearing aids helping?

Hearing aids are working with the signal they receive from the air. For those with hearing loss and hearing aids, and even those with normal hearing, the listener is always at a disadvantage as the quality of the sound wave decays as it leaves the TV or surround sound speakers. This is why many people complain that hearing aids don’t work for the TV. Hearing aids alone are also unable to make changes to the original TV audio.

TV Voice Pro uses wireless technology to deliver optimised TV audio directly to the ears. Following a complete recalibration and optimisation of the television audio, the TV Voice Pro system transmits the audio signal directly from your TV audio output to the TV Voice Pro headset in digital form. The result being crystal clear television audio for the wearer.


How the whole family benefits from TV Voice Pro

TV Voice Pro allows the wearer to listen at their own volume, without disturbing the TV audio for others in the room. This means the rest of the family can listen to television at their preferred volume. The TV Voice Pro headsets have a large wireless range and can even be used from a distance, meaning the wearer can move into another room close by and still hear the television audio.

The TV Voice Pro wireless headset can even be used with the TV put on nil to low volume, allowing others to sleep, or not be disturbed by TV audio at all.