Having trouble hearing speech clearly on your Mobile Phone? Or maybe you’d like to hear better when making Skype or Video calls on your iPad, Tablet or Computer?

Voice Pro Phone earphones are your one stop simple solution to clarifying every phone conversation.

Following the success of our TV speech and voice clarifying products, we have now integrated our speech clarifying audio formula into one simple to use pair of earphones for wireless phone conversation.

Voice Pro Phone earphones pair using Bluetooth to any Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPhone or Computer.

The Voice Pro Phone audio formula is uniquely modified to enhance speech frequencies for clear mobile phone conversation for those with hearing loss.


Connects to any Bluetooth mobile phone in 7 seconds

Voice Pro Phone wireless earphones are designed to connect to any Bluetooth phone new or old. You can expect to connect to your mobile phone in just 7 seconds

  • Integrated Voice Enhancing Audio Formula for those with Hearing Loss
  • Up to 6 Hours of Talk Time
  • Reconnects to your Mobile Phone Automatically

Why Hearing on the Phone is Different

The most important sounds we hear every day, including those frequencies in the speech spectrum are in the range of 250 to 6000Hz.

For phone use, it is well known that the allowable frequencies transmitted are limited to be between 400 Hz and 3400 Hz. Therefore, all of the frequencies in the speakers voice below 400 Hz and above 3400 Hz are eliminated from the telephone audio. This presents a problem, as the clarity of important parts of speech, such as high frequency consonants, including s, and ‘th’, as well as low frequency vowels such as j, u, z and m, can be severely compromised, as their frequency range is not transmitted correctly.

For those with hearing loss, this factor adds as an additional problem which needs to be addressed to deliver clear speech and audio for mobile phone use.

Voice Pro Phone alters the audio to focus on speech frequencies to enhance Phone Audio Clarity for those with any level of hearing loss.


  • Revolutionary speech enhancement technology made simple
  • Wireless range up to 10 metres from your Phone or other device
  • Extra loud volume range
  • Speech enhancement formula based upon clinical hearing assessments of over 1,000 people with varying levels of hearing loss
  • One button to answer and hang up. Simple to use volume control
  • Works to clarify phone speech for those with various levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe
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